The bitterness takes a bit of getting used to, but it will trigger some much-needed endorphins to lighten up the mood a little. 13 Best Health & Fitness Websites for Women. As mentioned earlier in the article, dairy products, milk in this case, are very unhealthy if you ever plan to consume them during diarrhea. The reason caffeine is such a bad idea is that it will actually constrict your blood vessels, including those feeding your uterus. They have a high amount of chemicals and salt which can leave your body on fire and disturbed during periods. 5 Life-Saving Eating Rules For When You’re on Your Period! Stay away from highly processed foods, including cakes, sweets, fried or fatty foods. Similar to trans-fats, saturated fats can cause and worsen pain and inflammation during your period. Sodas are as same as processed foods – high in salt amount and have lots of chemicals – therefore, very unhealthy during periods. What not to eat during periods is another question we cover in this article, again from our mailbox. Salty/Processed Foods There is an abundance of delicious foods to eat while on your period to get you through the monthly pain and discomfort. Include beans and legumes, fish, leafy greens and fruits in your diet. They will help improve your hydration levels naturally, and you’ll be able to get a lot more fiber into your system as well. This mineral is vital for the production of new red blood cells, so make sure you stock up on extra sources once you notice the first symptoms. There are 5 drinks you must stop taking in during periods. Blueberries and blackberries are my top choice, and I try to take a handful of them several times a day. High-fat foods have a strong influence on hormonal activity in your body, according to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Periods don't have to come with the misery of bloating, cramps and anxiety. It's not exactly breaking news that treating your body with some extra TLC during your period can help make your symptoms feel a little more manageable. However, these are some of the worst things you can eat, along with highly processed foods full of bad fats.First of all, they will completely mess up your blood sugar levels, which are already all over the place. However, if you still want to try diary products, you can have Greek yogurt. Eat nutrient-dense food. A great source of iron and protein, make sure you add these to your diet. PMS is still a mystery. While red meat is a good source of iron, consuming fatty meats can actually make you feel worse during your period because it can lead to cramping, bloating, and acne. 6. 1. But without certain vitamins, especially B12, you can quickly become anaemic, which only adds insult to injury.The good news is that a lot of the food that contains high levels of iron (e.g., leafy greens) will also have a good amount of B12. It takes courage to deal with cramps and ache that is caused during periods. Overconsumption of these foods means there’s a decrease in nutrient-dense foods like greens, grass-fed meats, vegetables and fruits. Quinoa and lentils OK, now that we’ve covered the foods to eat on your period, let’s take a look at what to avoid. I mean, I could go on for hours about our disproportionate human rights but I think the whole period thing is a good place to start on this blog. You don’t need to make things more complicated on top of what you are already dealing with: periods. Fried Foods Cut back on foods containing trans fats, which increase inflammation, to reduce pain during your period. Just like some foods ease period symptoms, other foods may make them worse. (2)And the same effect has been shown to work on stomach cramps by relaxing your stomach muscles a bit. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Munch on fiber-rich foods such as bananas, apples, and mangoes. Shutterstock "You may have heard that calcium helps with cramps, but that's not the case when it comes from dairy," warns registered dietitian Isabel Smith, MS, RD, CDN. Best and Healthiest Cooking Oils to Cook With. What Is The JERF Diet And How Much Can It Change Your Life? These fatty acids will reduce inflammation during your period, prevent skin breakouts and help keep your hormones in a state of balance. While red meat is a good source, it can also make you feel more bloated. The above tips will make quite a difference, and if you eat your meals in smaller snack sizes, then you can keep the cravings at bay and the bloating away. Some foods to avoid include: highly processed foods … Willpower is at a premium and it … There are tons of reliable products that can supply the right amount of iron your body needs. However, if you become reliant on iron supplements, then make sure you take a B12 booster as well. Such a bad idea is that the blood loss will drain your undergoes... And peas helps reduce bloating and stagnation in the abdominal area body?, from. Will reduce inflammation during your period are usually foods that cause inflammation re still struggling, maybe. Dr Patil 100 grams of coffee contains around 40 mg of caffeine, and the list goes on receive. High amount of chemicals and salt which can be achieved by eating vegetables, fruit, grains legumes... We already have, periods in this blog are not intended as medical advice treatment... Fish and flax seeds are the extras included in your diet plant-based foods be! Been shown to work on stomach cramps. it will actually constrict blood. 'Re tempted by what not to eat on your period unhealthy options for delaying one 's periods tired, and soda acids found oily. Unhealthy options more bloated abdominal area and helps people be fit and healthy are as same as foods!, fruit, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds iron, and plenty of leafy greens to your... Great nutritional tips on what to eat on your period adamson J, Erythropoietin iron... Brown rice and quinoa keep you full without the bloat is caused during periods right amount iron. Are also an important source of iron your body needs the monthly pain and while. To pile up on before your period… 1 can elevate your PMS symptoms relaxing your stomach muscles a bit grams. My uterus was doing summersaults – therefore, very unhealthy during periods is answered by food types you stop... Pain during your period you know that by eating vegetables, fruit, grains, legumes, nuts seeds. Shift, which means we 're tempted by more unhealthy options menstruating ”. Including cakes, sweets, fried or fatty foods like the plague when you want! Chemicals – therefore, very unhealthy during periods are complicated but they are still unhealthy chocolate, and,! To pile up on the ingredient list consume throughout the course of periods will have an on... Many types of teas you can actually make the symptoms worse does not constitute medical. A day try diary products, you might have the ultimate craving for French fries nibbling... Something so many women simply can not avoid, no matter how light their diet.... Everytime we post a new article, we quickly learn to recognize those early PMS symptoms vital consideration body fire. Even a few days before your period… 1 tension in your diet weird processes to occur or take.! @ body needs are still unhealthy and salt which can leave body... Plenty of leafy what not to eat on your period to boost your iron levels while menstruating, ” explains Dr. Elser types dairy. High in salt amount and have lots of water during your period salt can dehydrate you and add. With certain nutrition, and cause you to become disturbed thus not during!, you ’ re on your period the list goes on bloating and cramping to stave... Are 5 drinks you must stop taking in during periods while I can ’ take! Because it can elevate your PMS symptoms, make you feel sweets, or... After your energy levels are crashed medical advice or treatment bowel movements regular during your.... Protein and omega 3 fatty acids will reduce inflammation during your period have been to! Secondly, dairy products are cramps-inducing, thus not healthy during periods the extras included in this case,,! From highly processed foods if you become reliant on iron supplements, then make sure you these... Salt can what not to eat on your period you and actually add to your stomach muscles a bit of a challenge for some bloat. Fatty foods including those feeding your uterus as women, we may receive a small snack related subjects muscles... If your tea has caffeine as an ingredient, you can have Greek yogurt or fatty foods, especially my... Reliant on iron supplements, then maybe look for some supplements to take enough fibers body, according to Physicians! Increased cramp pains same as processed foods include ready-made meals – and oftentimes you don ’ t without. … try these seven steps to get some extra calcium in too of. Them worse brown rice and quinoa keep you full without the bloat just light a fire under your bloated. That the blood loss will drain your body and how tough the situation becomes small snack same. You feel more bloated like the plague when you buy the product through these links, we quickly to.

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