Measure: Percentage of development applications (DA) and complying development certificates (CDC) approved within 40 net days for the following categories: Single and secondary dwellings excluding replacement dwellings and alterations and additions. PO Box 219. DA Tracker. Ballina Shire Council Construction Certificate Application Form (pdf). Ballina Shire Council is taking all necessary precautions to keep the community and our staff safe. Section 4.55: New Child Care Centre & Strata Subdivision (Commercial) To amend development consent 2018/550 by increasing the child care numbers from 140 to 144, increasing the hours of operation from 6.00pm to 6.30pm, provision of elevated play equipment and modification of associated conditions. The following process will make the pathway to building your home easier. It's free! Heritage. “Ballina Shire Council is continually looking at ways to enhance its on-line facilities and improve information access for its residents,” the council said. Development Asset Spreadsheet (2mb Excel doc). Variations to development standards. Ballina Shire Council has custody of building and development application files (BA and DA files) dating back to 1919 for BAs and 1969 for DAs. PO Box 450 Ballina Shire Council reserves all other rights. Not all projects require a DA, so to help you decide if you need to submit a DA or build using other avenues, you need to consider the planning rules for where you live and what you want to build there. The West Ballina location of the 300-lot GemLife over-50s living development project, currently on exhibition by Ballina Shire Council. ballina shire council recognition of environmental values in ballina shire Ballina Shire Council’s local planning framework has historically recognised ecological, scenic, coastal, urban buffer and water catchment areas across the shire. BALLINA SHIRE COUNCIL'S COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT APPROACH 14 PUBLIC EXHIBITION TIMEFRAMES AND NOTIFICATION 16 STRATEGIC PLANNING - EXHIBITION AND NOTIFICATION 20 STATUTORY PLANNING - EXHIBITION AND NOTIFICATION 23 APPENDICES 29 table of contents 01 02 04 06 03 05 0 0 03 RELATIONSHIP OF THIS CPP TO THE DCP: The Ballina Community Participation … BALLINA Shire Council gave approval to a $2.6 million Lennox Head development in June. The DA Process. Focus. You should also talk to your neighbours early on in the process and relevant specialists (e.g. Aboriginal heritage is the physical and cultural evidence of the use of land by Aboriginal people. Skip navigation. Once your DA is lodged and checked, formal neighbour notification may occur. You can consult DAs Online portal to monitor the progress of your DA. Council's Customer Service Team will check that all the information has been provided. Ballina NSW 2478, 40 Cherry Street Newspaper DAs on public exhibition are included in the Council's Public Notices in the Ballina Shire Advocate. Appoint a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) to monitor construction – this can be council or your appointed private certifier. The Economic Development Strategy identifies key drivers for economic development in Ballina Shire and actions Council will pursue for entrepreneurship and innovation over the next 10-years. architect, builder, town planner) who can help you prepare your Development Application. The DA Tracker is an online service that enables you to view Development Applications when they are on exhibition, make submissions, track progress as they are assessed and to see when they are determined. appeal council’s decision to the Land and Environment Court. The Tracker allows you to track the progress of development applications and certificates submitted, view applications on public exhibition and make a submissions. Development Design Manuals. Council may send letters (email or post) to adjoining and or surrounding landowners who may be potentially impacted by the development proposal. The development application process. Find us. Information and documents for recent DAs (from 2010 to current) are available and published free of charge on council's DAs Online portal. Apply to hold a wedding, event or film on public land. A Commencement of Civil Works Form must be completed and submitted to Council prior to the commencement of any civil works associated with the conditions of a development consent. Give the council and the PCA two days’ notice before you start work. Alterations/Additions to Commercial Bldg (retail/wholesale trade) Alterations to a dwelling food and drink premises including relocation of sinks as depicted in plans for 3/140 River Street Ballina lodged with the application on 11 March 2020 Ballina Town Planning - Ballina Shire Council. The development industry is encouraged to use these guidelines before planning begins, for faster and more effective processing of developments through Council. Apply for a Construction Certificate if Council is doing the inspections, otherwise your private certifier will complete this process. Lodgement is the formal start of the DA process. Aboriginal Land. Ballina NSW 2478, Development and Construction Factsheet - Estimating Cost of Works, Your guide to the Development Application process, Brochure - Public Exhibition and Submissions (pdf), property address including lot and deposited plan number, site plan, floor plan, typical elevation including dimensions, north point and where possible a preliminary site level, all matters required for a DA as listed in the EP&A Regulation (Schedule 1, Part 1); and, the required DA fee (contact Building Services to provide a DA fee quote prior to lodging your application), Development Consent (granted with conditions), Deferral Commencement Consent (waiting for one or more important matters to be resolved), request council reconsider its decision, or. Find out what's happening in your area. BURNS POINT FERRY - TEMPORARY CLOSURE The Burns Point Ferry will not operate for approximately 13 days in early November due to essential annual dry hull maintenance. This means that the site must be inspected, applicants and neighbours engaged, reports drafted and recommendations made. New Dwelling - Single Residence To amend Development Consent 2019/570 by modifying the earthworks and retaining walls 33 Outrigger Rd, Lennox Head, NSW 2478 6 days ago Welcome to Byron Shire Council's online development application tracking system. Get alerts of new applications near here straight in your email. Council's approach to assessing development applications. Other government agencies have special roles to provide comment or agreement/approval within their areas of expertise such as NSW Rural Fire Service and Office of Environment and Heritage. Ballina Shire Council Livingstone Shire Council offers a free pre-lodgement service as they are committed to providing quality service to their customers. A Development Application (DA) is a formal request for permission to carry out a proposed development. News Better get a lawyer: Developer takes council to court Burns Point Ferry customers are advised that alternative road routes are available. The Ferry will be out of service from 5.30am Monday 5 November 2012 until 5.00pm Saturday 17 November 2012. Development Design and Construction Manuals. ballina shire council development application northern rivers business northern rivers development northern rivers housing. First, it’s important to gather the right information about your property. DAs on public exhibition are included in the Council's Public Notices in the Ballina Shire Advocate. Before you can start building you must do four things: You must obtain an Occupation Certificate to certify that you have met the requirements of your development consent and construction certificate, and that the building is now ready to occupy. For this meeting please provide the following if possible: Giving council an assessment ready application, with all the required information will not guarantee approval – however it will promote an efficient process, saving time and money, for both you and council. We are experienced in Council development application with a wealth of local knowledge for all of NSW If notification is required for a DA, Council’s notification typically includes one or more of the following: Development applications (DAs) are available electronically on the DA's Online portal. Step 1 - Application. Ballina Shire Council residents are now able to view development applications (DAs) on-line. When emailing this document to Council, please ensure the document has Developer_Assets_Template in the title. But the Development Approval process can be overwhelming. The General Manager Search; Sign Up; FAQ; Coverage; Get Involved; Get the Data About; Back PlanningAlerts; Recent applications from Ballina Shire Council, NSW. The Northern Rivers Local Government Development Design and Construction Manuals have been adopted by Council to provide uniform design and construction standards for new infrastructure associated with developments within the shire. Section 4.55 - Alterations/Additions to Dwelling - Single Residence To amend Development Consent 2020/250 by modifying the ground floor deck, retaining walls … Mullumbimby NSW 2482 Council staff will formally assess your DA. The developers behind the estate are Intrapac Property who took the Ballina Shire Council to the Land and Environment Court to determine the development application (DA) for the development. Complete any works listed in the ‘Prior to commencing work’ part of the consent. Ballina Shire Council Development Applications (ATDIS) - planningalerts-scrapers/ballina_shire 134 million applications sent across Australia PlanningAlerts Email alerts of planning applications near you. PO Box 450 This asset information is required at Construction Certificate stage and at the completion of works. and see what has been determined (approved or refused) recently. An assessment officer will be allocated to you and they will be your key point of contact. When you have prepared a preliminary concept plan on a specific site, visit Council’s building staff from 8.30am to 12.00noon any business day to discuss your proposal. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Council is well placed to meet the challenges that face its community in the future. Although Ballina Shire Council is not the authority on public health matters, we urge our community to stay up to date and follow accurate public health information to contain this virus. The development application for 74 Ballina St had proposed … Council staff may provide a sign on the site of the proposed development. Section 4.55: Alterations/Additions to Dwelling To amend development consent 2018/650 by modifying the internal design as depicted in the plans by Lismore Design and Drafting, for 6 Yabsley Street East Ballina, Sheet 5, Revision D When you have filled out the relevant forms you can lodge your application with Council. The development industry is encouraged to use these guidelines before planning begins, for faster and more effective processing of developments through Council. The council says all all DAs lodged from July 1 last year can be viewed browsing to and following the ‘DA’s On-line’ link. Complying_Development SEPP/BSC Application (pdf) Commercial Premises Registration and Inspection (food business, market food stall, hairdresser, beautician, tattooist, colonic lavage): To enquire about registering New and Existing premises please call Council's Environmental Health Officers on 6686 1210 and the appropriate form will be provided. You must either comply with NSW’s Affordable Housing State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) or Ballina Council’s Development Control Plan (DCP). In many regions of Northern NSW there are two options for building Granny Flats or secondary dwellings. Building or renovating your home is always exciting. A Section 138 Application Form  is required when seeking approval from Council to undertake works and/or activities on or over a public road. Refer to the following resources for more information to help you with lodging your development application. Promoting Better Practice Report – Ballina Shire Council October 2008 Page 6 of 76 2. A Construction Certificate Application Form  must be completed and submitted to Council as required by conditions of a development consent. Council has internal experts who will comment on different environmental issues. Ballina NSW 2478, 40 Cherry Street Ballina NSW 2478, Handbook for Driveway Access to Property (0.2mb pdf), Development Asset Spreadsheet (2mb excel doc), Construction Certificate Application Form (0.3mb pdf), Commencement of Civil Works Form (0.4mb pdf). Section 4.55 - New Dwelling - Single Residence To amend Development Consent 2019/484 by modifying the retaining walls and earthworks 39 Ballina St, Lennox Head, NSW 2478 about 1 month ago Your completed application form contains personal information which is being collected for the purpose of accessing information from Council records and to perform any other duty or task under any relevant legislation. Developers are required to complete and submit the Development Asset Spreadsheet to Council to provide asset information for all new infrastructure dedicated to be Council as part of a new development. Ballina Shire Council grants you a non-exclusive license to reproduce the contents of this website in your web browser (and in any cache file produced by your web browser) for the sole purpose of viewing the content. Council supports well designed and suitable developments. Ballina Shire Council has a strong strategic focus that is evident in the way the organisation is structured and in the activities that it undertakes.

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